Hulu Brings ‘The Boston Strangler’ to The Big Screen- Keira Knightley Hunts Down a Killer in This New True Crime Movie

Credit: Hulu/20th Century Studios

A plucky female reporter, a serial killer before there were serial killers, and a race against the clock to save lives. Hulu’s new true crime thriller The Boston Strangler starring Keira Knightley is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The movie will follow the true crime story of the “Boston Strangler,” Albert DeSalvo, and the reporter who would become his downfall.

This week Hulu dropped the trailer for its latest true crime piece that dives into the story of one of the most notorious killers ever documented.  Between 1962 and 1964, women in Boston, Massuchests lived in fear as more and more women began turning up dead. The thirteen stolen lives were the work of serial killer Albert DeSalvo, known as the “Boston Strangler.” The problem (aside from the obvious) was not only did the police not know who the killer was, but they also didn’t even realize the cases were connected. Enter Record-America newspaper reporter Loretta McLaughlin, who not only helped put the cases together but helped the police catch a killer.

The real-life reporter McLaughlin is played by Hollywood heavy hitter Keira Knightley, and McLaughlin’s friend and confidante Jean Cole,  who ends up helping her crack the case, is played by Carrie Coon. The two work tirelessly despite the rampant sexism of the time and great personal cost, to convince their bosses, the public, and the police investigators, that the crimes were connected. Crown Height’s Matt Ruskin as well as The Suicide Squad’s David Dastmalchian will also be making an appearance in this true crime thriller.

The film is produced by Ridley Scott and will make its Hulu debut on March 17th. Check it out to see how one of the most notorious serial killers, before the term even existed, was brought down by some very good reporting, and two very persistent women.