Gamescom Reveals Thrilling Addition to ‘Little Nightmares’ Franchise With Third Installment

Credit: Bandai Namco

Today during the Gamescom Opening Night Livestream, Bandai Namco Europe has revealed the long-awaited third installment of the ‘Little Nightmares’ franchise. ‘Little Nightmares 3’ is an eerie game that combines childlike wonder with horrors beyond your imagination. This time, Bandai Namco and developer Supermassive Games are adding a new feature: co-op gameplay.

‘Little Nightmares 3’ follows a similar format to Little Nightmares 2,’ where players can choose to play one of two characters, Low and Alone. Each child has their own strengths and weaknesses that you need to utilize in order to survive. Traverse the deadly environment of the Necropolis and its new Resident, Monster Baby. With her swiveling doll-like eyes and destructive nature due to her size, Monster Baby’s curiosity may prove to be deadly.

With your duo, navigate through the ruins and avoid Monster Baby as you try to reach the Spiral. Using Low’s bow and arrow and Alone’s wrench, you need to solve puzzles and maneuver around forces out to get you. If you don’t have a duo, there is no need to worry because ‘Little Nightmares 3’ has an AI companion that you can bring along on your quest.

In addition to the third installment, Bandai Namco Europe also announced a new expansion to ‘Little Nightmares’universe: The Sounds of Nightmares. The Sounds of Nightmares will be a six-episode podcast series following Noone, a young girl recently committed to the Counties Psychiatric Institute to deal with her nightmares. The first two episodes are currently available on Bandai’s website.

‘Little Nightmares 3’ will be available to play on PS5 and PS4 in 2024.