Gamescom: Enter the Dark Place in New ‘Alan Wake 2’ Trailer

Credit: Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Entertainment closed out this year’s Gamescom Opening Night Live with an exciting new gameplay trailer for ‘Alan Wake 2.’ In the trailer, fans, for the first time, can see ‘the dark place’ and playable sections from Alan’s perspective.

The first installment follows thriller novelist Alan Wake as he tries to unfold the mystery surrounding his wife’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Alan begins to realize that the events around him are coming to life from the plot of his most recent book. One that he can’t remember writing. ‘Alan Wake 2’ will follow Alan and FBI Agent Saga Anderson, a new and second playable protagonist. Set thirteen years after Alan’s disappearance, a string of ritualist murders are uncovered in Bright Falls, Washington. As a result, FBI Agent Saga arrives to investigate the strange and unnerving killings. However, she becomes a part of a new horror story written by Alan in an attempt to escape the alternate dimension he finds himself stuck in.

Alan Wake 2
Credit: Remedy Entertainment

Players will be able to change between Alan and Saga’s storylines in any order the player chooses. While playing as Saga, players will able to access a Mind Palace. The Mind Palace allows for an enemy-free space where players can see a visual representation of Saga’s thoughts. The developers describe it as a 3D menu equipped with a pin board where players can connect together clues and switch between characters to gather more information. In each dimension, players will have to explore and fight enemies using firearms and a flashlight. While using the flashlight, a player can focus it on an enemy to temporarily incapacitate them. Except players will need to be cautious about their flashlight usage. However, the flashlight battery, as well as ammunition, will be scarce.

‘Alan Wake 2’ will release on October 27 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and the Epic Games Store.